Saint Petersburg Jewish Community House (ESOD) is a multifunctional complex, a real structure of the Jewish community organizations. This is the only public building in Russia, which provides the comprehensive coverage of activities within Jewish community programs. An extremely hard architectural task was performed here: creating an impressive image of ESOD while combining Jewish architecture trends with the aura of St. Petersburg, inserting it into the appearance of St. Petersburg historical center so that it is associated with ancient Jerusalem despite its modernity. An expressive architectural fashion of the ESOD building itself, where the facade plastic is based on combination of glass and stone surfaces, evokes reliability and proofness sensation. The circle and straight line images taken from the Holy Bible have been reflected in the building\'s principal front, which combines the straight line of the wall and a circular tower coupled by the stained glazing of the main entrance. The ESOD\'s technological strength provisions are unprecedented for a public building - there are nothing like those neither in Russia, nor in CIS countries.

TATLIN MONO 4/13/67 2008

Saint-Petersburg Jewish Community House

Projection: 2002-2003
Construction: 2004-2006

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Bolshaya Raznochinnaya st., 25А


Corporation American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.

Chief manager:

Evgeny Gerasimov

Chief architect of the project:

S. Merkusheva


К. Smirnov, S.Burdonskaya

Chief designer:

M. Reznichenko


L. Tagantseva, Т. К. Smirnova, V. Antonov

Engineering sections:

Projektservis Company

Chief engineer:

A. Chepik


K. Smirnov


U. Senatorov