The new residential complex occupies a plot in the south-western part of Saint-Petersburg, a vividly developing area right at the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The four 22-storey buildings of the complex turn towards water with their narrow side.

    The architectural and colour solution of the complex is inspired by an image of a necklace, which expresses itself in the bending form of the plot. The residential buildings are coloured as various gem stones: amethyst, amber, emerald, sapphire, and are “beaded” on the “lace” of embowed commercial buildings. The entrance areas of the residential buildings bear corresponding colours.

    The inner yards between residential buildings host space for recreation and sports activities both for kids and adults. The courtyards are cars-free, as the layout provides for two-level parking spaces beneath the residential buildings and part of the yard.

    The exterior of the buildings is modern style, featuring traits of modern Northern Europe architecture. The façades solution focuses on a contrast between flat surfaces on the narrow side of the buildings and the complex plastic created by prominent glazed balconies, the rhythm of the window openings and the varying size of the coloured wall spaces between the windows.

    This contrast is emphasized by the colour solution of the façades. The walls between the windows and the pillars of the ground floors are coated with light-coloured façade material. The sides of each building are faced with panels of several light to dark shades, staying in the façade plane. The coloured panels together with the prominent glazed balconies form a rhythmic polychrome façade structure.

    The architectural and colour solution of the façades provides for a whole image of the complex, while preserving the independent character of every single building façade.

    The project of the «LEGENDA Geroev» residential complex



    Projection: 2016-2018

    St. Petersburg, Petergofskoe shosse, pl. 101


    Legenda Invest Ltd.

    Chief manager:

    Evgeny Gerasimov

    Chief architect of the project:

    Tatyana Komaldinova


    Tatyana Kuznetsova, Olga Trunova, Anna Matiyash, Galina Shumskaya, Yana Serebriakova, Anastasia Lakrisenko

    Chief designer:

    Margaria Reznichenko

    Yelena Panteleyeva (Head of the Cast-Iron Structure Section), Pavel Kultyshev, Alexander Bogdanov, Andrey Panteleyev, Artiom Alimirzoev

    Yelena Kuznetsova (Chief Expert), Alexandra Titova

    Engineering sections:

    ProektService -1 Co.

    Chief engineer:

    Anton Baranov