Residential house Venice is located on the one of the most luxury islands of St. Petersburg, but doesn't trend to assert itself. It occupies one of the last remaining sites of the Krestovsky island. The architecture of the house is restrained but not dull.
From the urban-planning point of view the house occupies a beneficial position in the site that develops to the water and park. The distance between the house and the neighbor buildings is enough to perceive the house as an independent and complete volume. Only form the remote viewpoints on the other river-side the building becomes a link between tough middle-storied housing in ‘modern-glass' style on the right and low-storied housing with the separated cottages in historic style on the left.
The airing curtain wall system takes the weight of the stone details made of Yurassic lime and Flemish brick of two different colors. The Scandinavian window framing provides ultimate acoustic isolation and extra depth of glazing, that is typical to the historic buildings.

by Oleg Manov

Residential house Venice

Projection: 2007-2010
Construction: 2010-2013

Russia, St. Petersburg, Deputatskaya str., 34a


Renaissance of St. Petersburg Company

Chief manager:

Evgeny Gerasimov

Chief architect of the project:

Z. Petrova


E.A. Reznikova, I.G. Bakhorina, O.V. Manov

Chief designer:

M.Ya. Reznichenko


A.A. Prokofyev, E.V. Egorova, P.S. Kultyshev

Engineering sections:

Projectservice Company

Chief engineer:

A. Chepik


Alexey Naroditsky, Yuri Molodkovets


Yu. Senatorov