The main trait of the Europa City residential complex is not its scale, but the experimentality. First of all, the complex is made up of panel buildings: the Series 137 design was specifically redeveloped for this project, and the panel structures rest on a monolithic plinth. Furthermore, Evgeny Gerasimov and Sergei Choban chose to completely conceal the reinforced concrete with a ceramic coating of a very diverse design: there are almost no repetitions in section solutions, but the design is tailored as to arrange the sections under a common cornice.

The Construction News Agency, 11.02.2019

Where does the Dostoevsky Museum enhancement project go, where do the city bicycle paths lead and is there a chance for quality architecture projects to enter the affordable property sector? The “Construction Weekly” (Stroitelny Ezhenedelnik) asked the head of the Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners Architectural Workshop., 07.02.2019

The VipFlat magazine published an interview with Evgeny Gerasimov, a renowned Saint Petersburg architect, the head of the Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners Architectural Workshop. Our readers can learn what he thinks of the future architectural and city-planning development of our city. 12.02.1028

In February, magazine published an interview with the architect Evgeny Gerasimov. You can find the full interview on the website of the magazine (in Russian). 04.12.2017

Expoforum, the Saint Petersburg’s long-awaited conventional and exhibition centre that had provoked so many disputes, has finally been built, commissioned, and already operates widely.

Delovoy Petersburg, 16.11.2017

At a session of the Cultural Forum which was opened today in Saint Petersburg, the Saint Petersburg architect Evgeny Gerasimov expressed his views on the mass-scale architecture and explained how it reflects the situation in the modern society. 26.10.2017

If you are at an event named “Benchmark of Quality”, it is rather hard to talk to the head of a bureau which uses the implementation quality as its calling card, as the matter of the discussion seems to be so self-evident and absolute for the speaker.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 08.09.2014

The "YE'S" house, recently built by Eugene Gerasimov, is the outpost of "quarter" ideology in the block environment of Saint Petersburg's Primorsky District.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 25.07.2014

In Saint Petersburg, Eugene Gerasimov will build a church complex.

DESIGN CODE, Project Baltia magazine N20, 2013

The house designed by Yevgeny Gerasimov consists of two blocks - a residential part, which overlooks Kovensky pereulok, and an office block, which is set back in the depths of the site, leaving a small open area in front of it.

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