Russian Architectural News Agency, 08.09.2014

The "YE'S" house, recently built by Eugene Gerasimov, is the outpost of "quarter" ideology in the block environment of Saint Petersburg's Primorsky District.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 25.07.2014

In Saint Petersburg, Eugene Gerasimov will build a church complex.

DESIGN CODE, Project Baltia magazine N20, 2013

The house designed by Yevgeny Gerasimov consists of two blocks - a residential part, which overlooks Kovensky pereulok, and an office block, which is set back in the depths of the site, leaving a small open area in front of it.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 27.11.2013

In Saint Petersburg, the "Nevskaya Ratusha" ("Neva City Hall" - translator's note) is being built - a business center with a large public square presided by the "New Smolny".

Russian Architectural News Agency, 24.04.2013

This year, the Saint Petersburg project of "Expoforum" developed by Eugene Gerasimov and Sergey Choban has entered the phase of active implementation.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 29.01.2013

On the Moika River embankment and directly opposite the "New Holland" area, "Eugene Gerasimov and Partners" Studio is designing an elite-class residential building.

Spiegel Kultur, 02.10.2012

Wer hat den Bau des Jahres entworfen? Tausende Architekten aus aller Welt bewerben sich in Singapur um diese begehrte Auszeichnung. Ihre Beiträge sind spektakulär - vom Ski-Hotel in Iran bis zur Wolken-Villa in Australien. Nur deutsche Baumeister machen sich rar. Sind sie zu geizig?

Russian Architectural News Agency, 25.06.2012

The project of a residential building offered by Eugene Gerasimov Studio to be built on Pobedy Street in Saint Petersburg, combines retro phrases and a modern vision.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 30.01.2012

If there was a list of last year's most notable architectural premiers, it would definitely include the building of the bank "Saint Petersburg" built by "Eugene Gerasimov and Partners" in cooperation with "nps tchoban voss" and "SPEECH Choban and Kuznetsov" on Saint Petersburg's Malookhtinsky Avenue.

Russian Architectural News Agency, 14.11.2011

Late in September, the construction of "Saint Petersburg Plaza" business center was completed in Saint Petersburg. This building that has already won several prestigious industry awards became one of the landmark projects of 2011.

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