Saint Petersburg, Nevsky prospect 85

The idea of the project was to create a large residential area in the city center. The city-planning solution of the complex is related to the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God Cathedral, around which the main square of the complex builds.

St. Petersburg, Novgorodskaya str., 20а, Degtyarny lane, 11

Nevskaya Ratusha is a unique administrative and business quarter which brings together executive agencies buildings, business centers, hotels, commerce and service infrastructure facilities, and generally available public spaces.

St. Petersburg, Academika Pavlova street, 5d

The Avenue Apart is a nine-storey cubical building with an inner yard. A special attention is devoted to the contemporary design of the double-height lobby in the classical modernist style.

Saint Petersburg, pr. Obukhovskoy oborony, 195

House was built at the site of the former Rechnaya hotel, near the Kurakina Dacha park. The 24-storeyed building façade is coated with natural stone (porcelain stoneware of warm natural colors) and faces the direction of Neva.

Russia, St.Petersburg, Pobedy str., 5

The residential house was erected in the “Stalinist” part of the Moskovsky prospect and has a similar style. The building has become widely known and was included in the IAA 2016 award short list.

Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgskoe shosse, 62-64

Expoforum has a vivid modernist style. The amber color of the façades has become an outstanding feature of the complex, being preserved regardless of the finishing materials used.

Russia, Sochi, Central area, Gorkogo str., 56

The core idea was to integrate the new building in the existing ensemble of the railway station forecourt.

Russia, St. Petersburg, Khoshimina str., 14A

Apartment house reminds Russian letter "л" in its plan view. It repeats trapezoidal form of the site and as for the hotel building it is opened to the apartment house and they both form a big courtyard.

St. Petersburg, Kovensky lane, 5

The architectural solution of the object is due to the neighborhood with the church of the Virgin Maid of Lourdes - an architectural monument of federal significance. The appearance of the house is conceived as a quiet background for the church, a kind of setting for a precious stone.

Russia, St. Petersburg, Deputatskaya str., 34a

Residential house of a premium class on the Krestovsky Island, made in the style of neo-renaissance. The project refers to the Venetian architecture of the Renaissance, to its special charm and symbolism.

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